A Very Useful (and Fun) Worksheet:

“Solving the Mystery of Journal Articles“”

To really understand how consumers behave, it’s important that students learn how to read and critique academic journal articles. While this eventually occurs, I’ve been experimenting with ways to speed it up. This worksheet is a quick introduction to deciphering complicated journal articles, and the students seem to like it and learn from it.

The worksheet is based on a fun article about eating movie popcorn (it’s the example that opens Chapter 1 of Mindless Eating). The students download the article, download the worksheet, read the article, and fill out the worksheet. This will give them a crash course introduction to experimental design, measurement, and analysis.

This worksheet is appropriate for advanced undergraduates, 1st year graduate students, and anyone else who has an interest or curiosity about the science part of social science.

Worksheet: “Solving the Mystery of Journal Articles

Article: Wansink, Brian and SeaBum Park (2001), “At the Movies: How External Cues and Perceived Taste Impact Consumption Volume,” Food Quality and Preference, 12:1 (January), 69-74.