Science Fair


Expense-related Awards for Science Fair Projects related to food and consumer (K–12 and 4-H)

Thanks to the Consumer Education Foundation, each year we can offer a limited number of expense-related awards (and nifty certificates) to elementary and secondary students who are conducting school-based or 4-H based projects (such as Science Fairs) aimed at helping people better understand their food and shopping choices. These Science Fair Awards typically range from $25-75.

Applications for these expense-related awards are usually evaluated within 48 hours of receipt. The applications for the expense-related research awards should include the purpose and methodology of the study.

The priority is on creative, novel ideas (blind taste tests of Coke and Pepsi have already been done). Students who are from small public schools or from rural areas are especially encouraged to apply, as are students whose parents did not have the opportunity to attend college.

Applications for these expense-related awards are accepted only in hard-copy (mail or fax), and should be addressed to:

Jennifer Wansink
Consumer Education Foundation
330 The Parkway, Ithaca, NY 14850
Fax: 607 254-4776

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