One Page Wonders

Fun In-class Activities

We try and design all of our studies so they answer a scientific question while also giving people News They Can Use. For the past 10 years we’ve tried to take our discoveries and design fun and vivid “in-class” demonstrations that teachers and health professionals at all levels can use with their students, patients, or clients. They’ve been used . . .

  • In middle schools and high schools to fulfill science NLEA standards in math, nutrition and social studies classes and to keep the students awake.
  • In college courses to teach psychology, nutrition, marketing, and health and to break up the pace of long classes
  • In weight-loss seminars and nutrition classes to vividly show how we can turn our Mindless Eating around. 

Each One Page Wonder demonstration is one page long (plus an attached cartoon) and has the following parts:

  • A short objective (linked to NLEA standards)
  • Two warm-up questions for students
  • A no-cost/low-cost demonstration
  • Two follow-up questions
  • Two summary points
  • A reference to the original study
  • Handout with a cartoon (to end it with a laugh)

One Page Wonder Demonstrations

Food For Your Mood:
Your mood affects your eating habits.

A Sweet Deal:
If you like sweet snacks, you will love fruit.

Bottomless Bowls:
The amount of food you have left on your plate may trick you into eating more even after you are full.

Forgotten Foods:
People forget what foods they have in their kitchen.

Hey Good Lookin'!:
When food looks beautiful, we think it will taste better and are willing to pay more for it.

The Low-fat Lowdown:
“Low-fat” claims on foods can trick you into eating more.

On Your Mind, On Your Plate:
Thinking about the foods you have at home will help you prevent food waste.