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Nearly every day someone asks me “What small changes can I make to stop Mindless Eating?” Here’s the best brief answer I can give you.

Anyone can turn their bad Mindless Eating habits into good ones. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We have different bodies, minds, lifestyles, and habits. No one change fits all people. If it did, every magazine at the supermarket checkout would have the same cover.

Four years ago we created the National Mindless Eating Challenge. It was a web-based program that asked questions and suggested changes correlated with losing weight or eating better. Many people had great success with the Challenge, and we learned a lot from the data, but the Challenge was a self-supported academic outreach effort. When I received a White House appointment to lead the federal agency responsible for the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, I needed to close the Challenge project and move to Washington D.C.

Since returning, I used insights gained from the Challenge and from other research to help a private company – Mindless Products, LLC – design the Mindless Method. It’s a powerful, effective, uplifting program that creates customized plans to transform your bad Mindless Eating into good Mindless Eating. Until recently, the Mindless Method was offered only to insurance companies and corporate wellness programs. It’s now also being made available to individuals, who can purchase membership plans at www.MindlessMethod.com.

Through this same collaboration, I also helped design and select products that promote good Mindless Eating, such as research-designed dinnerware and psychological cues to better eating. There are lots of products out there that claim to be helpful, but aren’t. I have personally approved all of the products at www.MindlessProducts.com.

Mindless Products, LLC contracted with me to provide detailed guidance in the design of their programs and products, to personally review and approve their content and operations, and to provide ongoing consulting for their programs. Everything I advised them of, and everything my research supports, they have done to the letter. In my opinion they offer the best program there is based on my research to transform bad Mindless Eating habits into good ones.

I hope you find this helpful in your quest for better health and happiness.

       All my best, Brian Wansink



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