Good Summary Articles For Your Class

We’re sometimes asked if there are “article versions” of Mindless Eating that would be appropriate to hand out to a class. 

For a general audience, Bonnie Leibman’s excellent Q&A article with me in the Nutrition Action Health Letter (March 2004) summarizes some of the studies in Chapters 3 and 4. 

Leibman, Bonnie (2004), “Food Illusions:  Why We Eat More Than We Think,” Nutrition Action Food Letter, 31:2 (March), 1-5.

For a college or university audience, my favorite article is in the Annual Review of Nutrition.  It covers most of the studies in Chapters 3-5.  More importantly, it includes a review of the legion of great food behavior research by other scholars that I was unable to give full due to in Mindless Eating.

Wansink, Brian (2004), “Environmental Factors that Increase the Food Intake and Consumption Volume of Unknowing Consumers,” Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 24, 455-479.

For a business and a public policy audience, the seeds for my Chapter 9 (“Fast Food Fever”) grew out of an article that Governor Mike Huckabee and I wrote when he was Chair of the National Governors Association.  The article is titled “De-Marketing Obesity,” and it offers win-win-win advice for managers, consumers, and public policy officials.

Wansink, Brian and Mike Huckabee (2005), “De-Marketing Obesity,” California Management Review, 47:4 (Summer), 6-18.

For the other 6 chapters (The Mindless Margin, The Forgotten Food, The Name Game, In the Mood for Comfort Foods, Nutritional Gatekeepers, and Mindless Eating Better), we haven’t yet written summary chapters.